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Silverstone ~ From the other Seat

Silverstone – from the other Seat “ Welcome to the Home of Motorsport” As I approach the main entrance there is a feeling of something magical about Silverstone, the greeting says it all, so many greats that I have followed over the years have raced here, Ive been a spectator , a host and a [...]

Silverstone 3hour Endurance Race Report

Silverstone National Circuit – Junior 3 hour Endurance Race Report Apex Racing ~ Woby’s Report Firstly to those who were there on the race day.  I’m okay, nothing more than a few aches a pain and the bike doesn’t look so bad in the cold light of day.  For those that weren’t there… read on. [...]

My Body is a temple… Woby’s Blog

My body is a temple… its in ruins…. But at least its under going major renovation work. (Do you think I can get a lottery grant?)  Slim, fit, good looking… Kelly my personal trainer is everything I’m not, and unfortunately for her what she’s got to work with is an overweight, un-cordinated throttle monkey with [...]

Cadwell Park – From the Other Seat

Cadwell Park Race report from the other seat.  Words By Nick Cadwell Park, Lincolnshire 3hour Endurance Race Not many people realise, but Cadwell Park is one of Britain’s oldest circuits. In 1934, a farmer by the name of Wilkinson laid down a three-quarter mile chalk track on the land adjoining his farm near Louth in [...]

Cadwell Motogrande Race Report

Cadwell Park, Lincolnshire – May 2010 Races 4,5 & 6 of the Hotttrax Motogrande Race Series.  600cc class. Words by Glen Levy Friday Test Day Up at 05:00 (boy it’s going to be a long day) to be round Adams for 06:00 – load up and head North to Cadwell. Arrive to find Nick has [...]

Logistics Network & Apex Racing at the NEC Multi Modal Event

Apex Racing Goes On Show   Exhibitors at the 2010 NEC Multi Modal Logistics event included our principal sponsors “The Logistics Network” and therefore Apex Racing.   Having spent a little too much “OCD” time cleaning and polishing and rubbing and buffing, have to say a thanks to Skip and Rich for their help in covering [...]

Cadwell 3hr Endurance Race Report – Part 2

Info taken from Official Timing Sheets – Junior Endurance 600cc class 1  JR Racing  (Fastest Lap) 1.43.3 2 BLDS Couriers                       1.43.3 3 L A Stone                                 1.43.6 4 D N A Racing                         1.43.8 5 Ringsting Racing                 1.41.3 6 Syntema Alfa                         1.44.1 7 MC Racing                               1.47.0 8 Apex Racing                           1.45.2 9 Louth Bikes                             1.47.2 10 Snug Racing                         [...]

Cadwell 3hour Endurance Race Report – Part 1

Cadwell Park 3hr Endurance official race report… Part 1 Once more we had a race weekend that was ruled by the weather and safety car incidents.  More on that later, first to report on was the test day. Cadwell has a limited amount of hard standing so Nick took one for the team and turned [...]