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Cartagena Track day and Endurance Event

  Fancy a go at an Endurance race but don’t have your ACU licence ?   Dates are Friday 26th to Monday 29th October 2012   The trip includes 4 days on track with bike transport and 4 nights shared  accommodation   The competition and qualifying is included but you don’t have to do it, [...]

Round 1, Brands Hatch Indy, March 10/11

If you could jump in the De’Lorean and travel back 12 months you would have found this racer in a pretty glum place, it was a cold, damp, dark, unhappy and painful place called Brands Bloody Hatch !   So, fast forward back to the, erm, future and what did a series in sprint racing, [...]

Comming Soon ???

Studio Pictures of the 2012 Bike by Fields of Suffolk, ( link at bottom of page ) ………..   Sneak Preview  

£10,000 Prize Fund and new sponsor for Hottrax Moto Grande Supersport Series

                        Parkitt Racing are confirmed as headline sponsor for the Hottrax MotoGrande Championships 2012. SBK City are also associated with the MotoGrande series and putting up an incredible £10,000 in end of year and event prizes! The full title of the series is now [...]