03 600x400 Anglesey  Hottrax Junior Endurance Round 3 ... erm 1
















Ok so it’s not really Round 1, however for Apex Racing
having failed to get onto the start grid in the first two races Anglesey is
where it all begins and we have a few scores to settle and some rookies to put
back in their box!


It felt like ground hog day after the Mallory race weekend,
following Brands we spent time and money fixing Adams engine and getting out on
track and following Mallory more money was required to fix Adams engine and I
spent more time on track…..


The good news is the gear box held out ok it was the engine
that launched its self, so  back to Mike Hemingway
for another strip and rebuild, the guy known Adams engine intimately now and
the spare engine Adam picked up has just been cannibalised. Off to Snetterton
and Adam played the part of mobile chicane for the morning in the fast group
running in the engine, well at least he got a good look at the new 300 circuit
that we will race on later in the season. All is working well, some fast laps
in the afternoon and then out comes the black flag, not the engine come on…..
too loud, too loud hmm this really is ground hog day, Adam
was flagged at Brands for excessive noise, no not in the paddock on circuit!


So to top off his short interval between races a new exhaust
system, he keeps this up the spanners will name his bike “Triggers Broom”


01 600x400 Anglesey  Hottrax Junior Endurance Round 3 ... erm 1
















For me a more relaxed interval, an instructors day with
Hottrax at Cadwell was both good fun and allowed me to focus on some of my new
techniques Mike “Get Faster” Dickinson had imparted on me and given the traffic
and the here I am mandatory instructors orange vest a respectable pace in the
46’s was acceptable.


Despite a crash there last year Anglesey is in my top 3
favourite circuits, it has a good mix of everything, banked corners, fast kinks
and the cork screw and this year we arrive on my birthday so I hope to be
unwrapping some silverware on Sunday to celebrate.


The view from the spectators banking above Peel is
breathtaking, race bikes, rugged coast, the Irish Sea and Mount Snowdon as a
backdrop; if you’re coming we’ll see you on the banking.