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Merry Xmas

Merry Christmas to everyone who has helped, supported and followed our progress throughout the year. To Celebrate we danced a little jig!!  Enjoy The Apex Racing Team

Woby to undergo Shoulder surgery

I’ve been suffering with my Shoulder since the crash at the Silverstone Endurance round back in May.  After finally being referred to a specialist the verdict is that I’ve a partial thickness tear of the supraspinatus tendon of the rotator cuff with their potentially being a concurrent labral tear. I’ll be going in for surgery [...]

Good News Bad News Good News

Bad news: 3 weeks no driving, signed off work 3-6 weeks, 4 weeks before physio treatment can start, total recovery time estimated at 16 weeks, no time to do any pre season testing.

Cadwell Park October 2010 ~ Championship Finale

Cadwell Park, in autumn, we’ve just had a week of frost covered mornings and now were going into the final race weekend of the year… Championship deciders in every class…. We must be mad.


A test day to test the team, October the 29th was a cold damp day with a cutting wind gusting at 35mph, track opened at 09.00hrs, before 09.30hrs we had had our first crash, a fast off at Park bike and rider tumbling to a twisted halt, second bike suffered a mechanical failure rendering a £ 1,400 repair useless, add to this wildlife, cooked tyre warmers, our first failed scrutineering and an all night scavenge hunt to effect repairs and you’ll understand why our test day was deemed so testing that it deserves a report of its own.


Breaking news from Hottrax Motorsport is their proud announcement of the broadcast to television of ………….

Gap Closed ! Race On….

With the final round of the 2010 series looming fast a final track day at Cadwell Park presented itself as the last opportunity to find that quick lap, to close the deficit between Adam and I and create the chance of achieving my second racing goal, to set the teams fastest lap over a weekend.

Pembrey ~ Through the eyes of a spanner!

I’m More at home wielding spanners rather than a pen I apologise in advance.

BARC Pembrey (from the “Other Seat”)

lap after lap the lean angle increased through the fast left at Dibeni, knee and boot scraping the tarmac wearing through the hard protection and into costly leather. The blagged tyres were spent, I think they were trying to say something, the rear slides out an instant before the front slides at the point Ady had gone down in race 1, I gather it up only to lose the rear again hard out of the right hander, they weren’t saying anything they were shouting STOP PLEASE!!!

Pembrey Motogrande

Pembrey S.Wales, Motogrande Race ~ September 2010 Words and pictures by G. Levy Test Day The first few sessions of the test day were track familiarisation as I have not been to Pembrey before, so it was a slow build up of speed as you get a feel for grip and what gears to be [...]