A Winters Fettling Now Lets Go Race !


It’s over 4 months since the 2010 race season finished and less than a week to the 2011 opening race at Brands Hatch and are we ready, well almost, so what have we been up to.


Over the winter we have been busy as bees, which isn’t too hard as most of the little stingy things were asleep. For 2011 we are entered into 3 race series, our main focus is the Sorrymate.com Junior 600 Endurance Race and in addition Adam will be racing in the Michelin Power Cup 600 and I will be racing in the Moto Grande 600. Apex Racing will be sporting a new updated livery which itself took as long to design and agree as months that have passed and only just made it back in time for this weekend, as well as new leathers and a colour scheme to identify Apex with a personal twist for each rider.

Bike prep 2011 1 Lets Go Racing

Bike prep 2 Lets Go Racing






Running 1 new bike this season it was soon time for the first official test day of the year. Not having the funds for a trip to Spain it was Brands Hatch on a cold wet February Sunday. The day was washout the amp and slippery conditions claimed at least one rider in every session, I was suffering with visor fog in his new helmet which restricted time on track, coupled with red flags and concerns of a gripless circuit the day for him ended after a total of 3 laps. Adam as always pressed on and managed a few more however the red flags limited even the brave.

brands test feb 11 1 Lets Go Racingbrands test feb 11 2 Lets Go Racing






Needing time on circuit a track day was booked for the following week, still February still cold, still wet and still slippery the circuit was back at work claiming victims. It was the third session out when between Adam and I, a rider goes down entering Druids, 1 lap round and changing down at Paddock Hill bend the rear steps out, considering the water on circuit nothing is thought wrong, down the hill and up to Druids tip in turn and on the gas the back steps out left, grips flicks and down. I skid a good third of the way down Graham Hill in the wet conditions and the bike at least half, oil everywhere its game over. For the two guys that followed me down the track I apologise I guess that oil may well have been mine!

brands test crash 1 Lets Go Racingbrands test crash 2 Lets Go Racing





Adam finishes the day with some good lap times and a Black Flag, whoops he tripped the noise limit 3 times in a row and then was booked off, although it was the last session of the day and the attrition was so high there were only 3 bikes left on track in the fast group.



So 10 days out from race 1 the bikes are in my garage, 1 is not running the other needs a lot of tinkering. In come the guys for a night of banter pizza and limited sleep.


Bike prep 31 Lets Go Racing

bike prep 5 Lets Go Racingbike prep 42 Lets Go Racing






Well done Brian, Rich, James and Skip we love you, and a further day with Adam in the garage we are all but done, the old fairing still needs some fixing an we are ready to go.


This is it, this is what we spend the winter dreaming of, what we spend hours in the garage for, Brands Hatch Race 1, 2011 and if you can’t be there watch us on Motors TV, last year we managed 3x 4th places this year we are getting on that podium, Race On !