It’s been a while and this report welcomes back Adam, welcomes back the art of crashing and winning !!!


So I turned up at Oulton Park on a wet Thursday evening still sore from the racing at Anglesey two weeks prior where I managed to race outbreak and get run off track by shadows, It was the last lap of the first race and I was running in 17th, convinced I was being hunted down I could hear the snarl of another engine.


I drive hard up the back straight, stay left taking a defensive line into Rocket, I can still hear the snarl of that engine, hard round peel and down into the international loop, breaking as late as I dare I hold a tight line turning onto the straight, I glance right and cannot see who it is on my tail, he’s too close. Approaching the final left I know I have to be brave and run deep, I brake late, too late, I attempt to recover and run off the track onto the grass then boom, I’m done.


Anglesey 350x242 Oulton Park Clubman Endurance

Racing Shadows is not good for your health!












Turns out the bike behind me was Championship Leading Rookie and good buddy, Paul Byron and he tells me he was at least 150 yards back, racing shadows is bad for your health.


I finish the weekend at Anglesey with a guest ride with Colin Norris for Flexnet in the ACU National Championships with a hard fought 4th. The race relights my passion for Endurance and two weeks later I’m at Oulton Park with Andy Lund preparing for the Clubman 600 Endurance and MotoGrande races.


Test Day


The weather is changeable, so much so that in the day I achieve a grand total of twelve laps and 5 wheel changes, I am now ready to be tested on my ability and speed at changing wheels, this may not be so helpful on the track but proves I haven’t a Scooby when it comes to tyre choice.


The days a wash out so it’s an early bath and off to find a TV to watch England V’s Sweden.


Race Day


Adam is back on the grid, this year he’s astride a wild 134bhp beast, its damp, he missed the test day (so I can change wheels quicker than him now) and were out qualifying for the MotoGrande 600.


I lead Adam round for 2 laps offering a line before we run into the back of Barnes and Byron so it’s off the gas down the hill into Hislops and up Clay Hill to gain a gap and back on the gas for a flyer. Over the line we charge down into Cascades and come across a slower rider, I choose a deep line in so I can cut back and under the guy in front and as I run out Adam slips under me, gassing out of the exit I have the tight inside line and the grandstand seat to watch Adam squeezed off the track and onto the curbing before dispatching them both and clearing off. A 2.00 minute dead in damp conditions puts me 16 on the grid and 0.08 seconds in front of Adam who qualifies 18th


Race one and normal Apex service is resumed with Adam 2 seconds up the running order and finishing 4 places in front, It was not a good start and I got myself boxed in in corner 1, but a solid 13th from a starting line up of 33 will do me in those conditions.


All change and I switch numbers to 35, my 4th race number this year for the endurance race. Running as team Bunton Parkitt Racing we qualified second in class and about mid pack.


The race is difficult, we run dry tyres in the wet, wet tyres in the dry, 1 wet 1 dry in the damp but slowly build a lead of a lap before we get a stop go. 2 minutes is awarded as our prize for running the first stint at 41 minutes, I object but and turned away by the clerk of the course, that’s a lap and a half backwards and we need to get a move on, we build again and get the lap back when on Andy’s last stint he misinterprets the marshal and exits without stopping, another stop and go this time 30 seconds and we are feeling the pressure from Team J&B.


Out comes the chequered flag after a gruelling 3.5 hours in pretty poor racing conditions and we have regained the lead and taken the line first in class and back 1 lap up on p2, job done.


Turns out our first stint was 34 minutes and the penalty was unjust, however we won so on this occasionwill shut up.


A quick visit to the podium and were preparing for the second MotoGrande race.


Podium 350x262 Oulton Park Clubman Endurance

The dizzy heights of the top step icon smile Oulton Park Clubman Endurance )













This time I’m off the line and into the first turn in the number 10 spot and running well, the weather has closed back in and I’m on my third wet of the weekend, Paul Byron is in front and I chase hard, he loses the rear momentarily round Druids and I cease the opportunity getting the better drive and taking 9th into Lodge. It isn’t much further into the race when I start losing grip from the rear, perhaps the scrub didn’t have as much life in it as I had hoped, Adam passes me and as each lap ticks by is followed by more riders including Barnes, I close out the days raciung withan  11th.


Not a bad weekends racing a win and to finishes in the top 3rd of the MotoGrande grid. I’m shattered and looking forward to my bed, tomorrow we start prep for Cadwell, bring it on….