I like Pembrey, I love this tight little 600cc friendly circuit, and the ballsy right kink on the back straight and the headshake you get on the exit of Honda.

Everyone knows what the local militia is like regards circuit entry and how you must on pain of eviction follow ‘the rules’, it adds to the colour of a race weekend and was the cause of quite a few laughs with the other racers when we rock up to the circuit entrance and are not allowed to enter coz they are mowing the grass!!!

MPC race 1 a.k.a. Superpole.

I have a rubbish start (from 14th on the grid) made even worse by coming to a dead stop at the hairpin while a game of skittles and dodgeball was taking place. I honestly thought the race would get restarted, but by the time I realized it wasn’t everyone had got the jump on me and I have a mountain to climb to get back onto terms. I finish 12th with a best lap of 1:03.9
Must focus.

Endurance Superpole.

We start in 2nd from last place (22nd) because of the stupid rules relating to superpole… Seriously, we even contemplated changing places with last place for the hell of it! Bring it on.
I have a brilliant 23minute stint, not my best position gaining wise but just bloody brilliant close racing.
4x 600’s. Me (Apex), Ian (1491) Rich (Sorrymate) and Jase (J&B)
I go from leading the 8-wheel train to the back of it in 2 corners, and then back to the front again within another lap. I knock knee’s with Rich going into the hairpin and at one point we are three abreast coming out of Dibeni into the Esses. Fantastic riding from everyone cheers guys.
My stint is over way too soon and I reluctantly change over to Nick who in turn also has a brilliant stint.
We finish in 15th overall but the even better news is that all 6 Junior 600 teams are position from 10th to 17th place. Tomorrow’s start will be soooo Cool.
Best lap 1:03.8

MPC 600 Race 2 (a.k.a. Race 1 or is that Race 11… I’m confused)

Another abysmal start, going into turn 1 I think I’m 2nd from last but at least I picked the right tyres (Pwr Ones instead of Wets) in what a lot of people thought was a damp circuit.
The dry line, when I stayed on it, rewarded me and helped me to reel in the competition. I finish in 10th not brilliant but I did catch and pass quite a few so my confidence was returning.
Best lap 1:04.5

MPC 600 Race 3

A better start, I’m right in the thick of it in the middle of the pack, as I commit to Woodlands there’s a bike on my inside, no space or time to yield I’m flat out in 5th trying to lean it back onto line but I’ve no space. To the right is the other bike and to the left the grass. Bugger.. The front washes out as I run out of circuit, I’m not sure if its because I touched the grass, the lean angle, coldish tyres, whatever it is I’m sliding on my arse. Race 3 is over. I’m okay but the bike is bent and we have about an hour and 30mins before the Endurance race starts.


Rich and Skip jump into action.
They raid the parts boxes, fixing footrests, brackets and amongst other things, swap my now knackered race day fairings for my slightly less battered TD fairings, bend back into shape the top fairing bracket and some R&Gs. I then scrounge a subframe and tank bracket off Ian (1491), once fitted its job done, we hope.
I flick over to Scrutineering, all’s well in the world and then rock up to our pit stop with less than 5 mins to spare… phew

Nick’s going to start the race, as my tyres are still cold and covered in grass! It will be his 1st race start of the year.

As if we haven’t had enough challenges, we now have a problem with Nicks bike…. What the hell is goin on? He pulls up after the formation lap and the bike won’t restart. A little loose blue plug.
He does the warm-up lap, pulls in and it’s done it again. I make doubly sure its reet proper plugged in for the start but I have no idea why it pulled loose in the 1st place.

All the boys’ n girls line up for the start, lights go off, they all run, Nick slings a leg over and I pray the bike starts. Bingo first time and he screams off into traffic. Nice one good buddy.
He stays in touch with the other J6 boys, flicking between 4th & 5th. He’s trading places with Sorrymate, JR & Brands and gets a handful of 1:05’s to boot. Brilliant.

1st changeover at the 31-lap mark. I slowly pick up the pace, scrub clean the tyres, give everything a couple of tentative shakedown laps and pull into line behind Andy Pulling (1491) and let him tow me up to speed. No point getting in his way as he’s a National 600 rider and I know our lap times are similar.

Apex are 5th in class, trailing 4th& 3rd by 23seconds and gaining on them at 3 to 5 secs a lap.

Lap 43

I go through the fast kink of Woodlands (not quite flat out since the MPC crash). Straighten the bike up on the exit; get a wiggle over the bumps, bang it down a gear before turning into Honda. Only it feels like the engine is racing, I’m heading towards the grass so fast I’m predicting impact with something solid especially after the slide I had on the wet grass at Woodlands not 2hrs ago!
In the split second this all happens I elect to brake as hard as possible and then bail.
Hard on the brakes I do maaahooosive stoppie, not sure if I come off the brakes before the grass, that was the plan so as to bring the rear back down (ain’t it amazing the speed of thought) but regardless as soon the front touches grass it digs in and I superman over the top of the bike and into unconsciousness.

Game Over

I won’t go over all the gruesome details of what happens next, that’s another story all together (buy me a beer at Cadders). The short of it is, I’ve broken my collarbone in 3 places and dislocated my thumb.

I have no idea what the damage is to the bike yet, in fact I haven’t had the full prognosis on the damage to me yet, and then there’s the damage to the wallet to consider.

A little honesty

I won’t lie to you, unfortunately the result of the race is that Pembrey might be the last round the Apex boys contest this year as a duo. Nick is still in the Motogrande but it has almost certainly put an end to the MPC for me…

Thats not to say we don’t get a stand in rider, you never know, but it might be an end to the current double act for 2011.

Before you judge and tell me to man the fuck up… No decision has been made yet but It ain’t exactly been the best of seasons and sometimes you’ve got to say enough is enough?

Round 1 Brands, DNF Endurance and Michelin Power Cup (Lunched Gearbox)
Round 2 Mallory, DNF Endurance and MPC (Blown Engine)
Round 3 Anglesey, 5th place in Endurance & 3 MPC finishes, 18pts.
Round 4 Snetterton, DNF Endurance (Cam Chain) & 3 MPC finishes, 24pts.
Round 5 Pembrey, DNF Endurance (Collar Bone!) & 2 MPC finishes, 10pts & 2x crashes.

At the end of it all thou, were still smiling

(Must be the painkillers)

Thank you thank you thank you…
Rich, Skip, Nick, Andy P, Andy L, Ian, Burbly, Adam R, Wags

Your all stars,owe you big, will see you at Cadders