Only a few days now and we will be in Pembrey, South Wales, the home of club racing !


After another up and down weekend at Snetterton and a mechanical DNF it was back to the workshop for Adam and back on track for me.


Whilst Adam worked on the oil leak that muted our charge for a podium finish at Snetterton and finally took the plunge to switched from a rather worn out standard shock to a sexy little Ohlins number, cutting the completion a little fine, well not so much fine, the bikes not complete and tools are going in the van with favours already being called in for Thursday night !!!


Cadwell Mike Dickinson 600x399 Pembrey, the Home of Club Racing !















(This corner, now follow me and i’ll show you the line….)


I took to a new exhaust from MHP, remapping and a Dyno run at RJS found the little R6l kicking out another 5 bhp at 15,000 rpm. Off to Cadwell Park (a pre race run at Pembrey is not on the cards) for an open pit lane day and I hook up with Mike ( Dickinson to find a line and to build on the learning’s from Mallory, first sessions are for sighting and finding a line, which I fail to do. In steps Mike and with some words of advise I’m hitting the apex’s consistently, we work on two corners, I get to pick two (hmm the wrong two?) Mike picks two (yup you got it, the right two!)


Fastest lap around Cadders last October in the race was a 45.9 and my average over the ten fastest laps was 46.6 so consistent 44’s with a 44.1 was 2.5 seconds faster, getfaster gets me faster, again.


I struggle over the mountain and Mike gives me loads of advise but I just keep rolling off, even when in my head I don’t my right wrist does, it’s at least a second a lap so I need to sort it out, fortunately Pembrey has no mountain so this weekend I can push on and a return to Cadwell is on the cards ahead of the meeting in August.


Pembrey is a long haul and this weekend I intend to bag some points and push myself up the leader board, nil points from Brands and Mallory and now hurting and it’s time to push on and show what I can do, as for the Endurance race, anything short of a win is robbery.


Forecast is wet and fast with points to be had, see you there……