Words By Rich Watts

As the end of our second season is drawing to a close, I thought it time to write a report from the other side of the pit wall and after a terrific weekend of racing I feel compelled to write.

I’m More at home wielding spanners rather than a pen I apologise in advance.

Pembrey September 2010 ~

I have just arrived home after a 3hour drive back from Pembrey Circuit. It gives you time to reflect on the weekends racing. After missing the last round at Anglesey I have not seen the boys for about 6 weeks but as usual the banter started as soon as I stepped out of the van. The guys were very upbeat after a great day of testing the mood was very confident and relaxed. The bikes were all prepped for the next day so time for a beer and an early night.

A chilly night sleeping in the van I rose first at about 7am, all quiet from the lads so I took the chance to walk the track. (Not been to this one before) I have found the better I know the circuits the more I can understand what the riders are talking about and offer help and advice if the bikes are not quite behaving through the tricky bits. In the past I have run the pits refuelling and carrying out any repairs and not actually seeing the circuits. After a light breakfast for myself and full English cooked by Chef Woby, the rest of the pit crew arrive. Bryan and Jane are absolute bike nuts but are such great friends and without them I would feel totally lost.  We ran the bikes from the camping area for the practice and qualifying sessions as they are short sprints and qualifying quickly follows.  I start to get into a routine, tyre warmers on & check the fuel in the geny as there is no power or garages here. Fuel both bikes for practice and give the bikes the once over. Tyres warm, check the pressures, as Nick is on Michelin tyres for his first excursion into the Michelin Power Cup. All the tyres have their own specific pressures and we change them up or down a couple of PSI for the riders preference and track temp. This we are learning can have massive affect on the performance of the tyre & bike handling. The morning goes like clock work one bike in the other on track, no problems so time to start thinking about setting up in pit lane ready for the start of the endurance race. Load up the van with all the gear we need for the 3hours as once we start there’s no going out for spares. The pit area is setup and there is a real sense of purpose in the whole team. Skip has set up his and Jane’s spot on the pit wall and me and Bryan are fuelling the bikes. This circuit is so fast the tanks need to full so not to run short. Yes Adam not like Cadwell hey! Throughout the race slick rider changes Adam & Nick are doing what they do best, quick consistent laps put us in striking distance of a podium place. Its times like these that give us our buzz just as much as the two doing the easy bit riding round and round and every now and then they come in and swop over. Only kidding chaps you wouldn’t get me to do that even if you paid me and the thought of you too fixing the bikes scares me silly. I think what I’m trying to say is we all love what we do and get the same kick out of it all the same.

Thanks Guys