wet Snetterton, Wet, Dry, Wet, Dry, Wet .........
















If there’s one thing Apex are good at its weekends to remember and Snetterton was no exception!

Saturday, forecast showers and at last the weather men are bob on, a dry break in the weather for MG600 qualifying places me 15th and on the 4th row which is ok. I had set myself some goals for the weekend, 3 sprint races three point scoring finishes and a lap time below 2.10, from 15th I’m in with a shout.

The first competitive race is the Endurance Superpole, it’s been tipping down for the start and the field is out on wets, however the wind is up and this track dries fast, Adam is out first and I have to make a decision within 15 minutes to give the guys a chance to fit the right rubber, gambol and go for dry tyres as I’m sure its drying out. I’m released P22, there is a drying line however most are out on full wets a couple of tentative laps and the track is dry enough to push on, catching and passing most in my sights 37 minutes in and we are P14 and then the heavens opened. The rain is hard and I wobble round, we are too far in to pit again, two guys on wets gather there momentum and come back past, I’m worried I’m going to lose all the spots when thanks to the lords the chequered flag.

I roll into the garage happy for our position but unhappy as my first MG600 race is being called, I signal to the pit crew it’s too wet for dries and there’s no time for a change, race one is over. Or is it the guys spark into life and as I watch the grid forming for the warm up lap Skip shouts “come on then”, gloves on I’m up pit lane and make the start line.

Raining hard as I take my position on the grid my visor fogs over, I can barely see the lights as they flick on and off, I fire forward struggling to see ahead of me I am aware of a bike close on my right, barrelling into the first right the bunching of the pack allows me to try and focus I’m passed Slater, this is madness, at last it starts to, and then completely clears and I can see again, into Corams I pass Barnes only for him to pass back in the infield, I chase hard and we catch Norris who splits us, passed and Barnes has departed without me. Lap 8 of 10 and on the start finish straight I miss a gear and get taken by White into Riches, I take him back into the Montreal hairpin, he’s trying to reel me in and shows a nose at Agostini which I promptly and rudely cut off. It’s the last lap and I know White is on my back wheel and press on putting in my fastest lap on lap 10 a 2.23.2 and P9.

Sunday morning and it’s still raining, drying before the first race of the day, this time with the help of Paul from Visorvision my visor is treated and perfect (thanks). The lights go off and it’s as manic as always, I take a tight line into Riches down to Montreal and make up a couple of places, down Bentley Straight Slater passes into Brundle, I must learn to brake later, the clocks showing speeds of 172mph and breaking at the 150 yard board is simply not good enough! The race settles down until I hear an engine behind me in the slow corners, as before into Agostini the nose of the Triumph 675 of White pops up again, I push hard and take a defensive line each lap at Agostinis. Last lap flag and suddenly two bikes appear which I pass, running from White again I put in my fastest lap on lap 10 a 2.08.4, this is becoming a habit. P13 at the flag and I feel I’ve worked hard for it finishing just 12 seconds behind Harvey a podium finisher in race 1.

A short lunch break and I’m up again for the last sprint of the weekend, lights out and away and within the first lap I’m in a 6 wheel battle with White and Lund this pretty much is how the whole race is run, White breaks Lund and I and makes a gap (3 seconds) Lund start to pull away on lap 8 and I chase, last lap and I’m still fighting, I close in at Corams and exiting Murrys Lund pulls a celebration wheelie. With both tyres gripping my drive is better and I close up fast, Lund looks over his shoulder aware of my approach and drifts left across my nose closing out my track, I have to give and try to switch, we cross the line 0.08 seconds apart P14.

3 races 3 point scoring finishes and a 2.08.4 job done? Not yet next race is the Endurance.

Its dry and been dry for a while, Adam rolls out of the garage dry tyres cooked  just as the rain starts to fall, he goes out on the warm up lap, the clouds don’t look like rain. Lining up for the Le Mans start I tell Adam it’s going to dry stick it out. Lights out and Adam makes a typical Apex start within 2 laps he’s moved from P16 to P5 and first in class. He leads the class for over 20 minutes when Brand makes his move and demotes us to second. A quick change over and I’m out pushing hard I don’t want to lose position or the tail of Brand so Adam has the best chance of revenge and converting our second back into first. After 1 hours and another change we are 14 seconds off first and 45 up on third, Adams out and I’m off for a cuppa.

I wander back to the garage after 10 minutes to find Adam staring at me! Did I miss something surely I’m not supposed to be out yet? OIL LEAK, come on, 8 minutes before I can go back out we lose 4 laps to the leaders, I go out my head is all over the place and ride the bike for the next 30 minutes like I’m back in a sprint race, I pass the 1,000s in the twisties and watch them pass back on the straights, 30 mins pass and we are still 4 laps down.

Another change over and Adams out, 1 lap and back in, the oil leak is terminal.

4 endurance races 3 DNF’s were not happy but that’s racing, we proved we can run at the front and we are determined to take the number one spot, our championship may be over but Apex Racing are not, each race is now for Glory, Pembrey, we love the place and now we are at rock bottom there’s only one direction left, look out guys here we come…..