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Anglesey Motogrande

Anglesey Motogrande Races ~ Coastal Circuit Friday the 27th August through to Sunday 29th August 2010 words by Glen Levy.  pictures to follow.   Test Day The weather was better than I expected as we arrived in the dark on Thursday, close to midnight (given the 2 weeks of rain prior), after a swift setup [...]

Anglesey Motor Racing Circuit, Trac Mon (from the other seat)

Anglesey Motor Racing Circuit, Trac Mon   Words and Pictures Nick (apex) Matthews   This weekends race meet was the most dramatic meeting I have attended, broken engines, on track battles, crashes, desperate repairs, parts begged borrowed and erm stolen and to top it all a pass on the fast one himself.   Read and [...]

Anglesey ~ Official Results

Anglesey Coastal ~ 1.55miles ~ Saturday 28th August 2010 Hottrax 3hr Junior Endurance Championship Classification by class: 1.    M&M Racing         126 Laps         1:14.330 2.    BLDS Couriers        125                  1:13.378            (fastest lap in class) 3.    MaD Racing            124                  1:15.533 4.    DNA Racing            124                  1:14.507 5.    MC Racing               [...]

Anglesey ~ 3hr Endurance Race Report

Anglesey Coastal Circuit ~ 3hr Junior Endurance Race.  28th/29th August 2010 Words & Pictures by Adam Woby WHAT an eventful weekend!  So much happened it’s a job to remember where to start. Testday The testday for me was the most frustrating and annoying day of the weekend. I had to pull in before the end [...]