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Round 1 Brands Hatch Kent

Set in the beautiful Kent country side close to Swanley, Brands Hatch was once called “the best circuit in the world” by Gerhard Berger who loved the circuit’s unique combination of fearsome corners and hill, dips and chambers, which makes it one of the world’s favorite circuits for racers, but not for me. It was [...]

Round 1, Brands Hatch Indy, March 10/11

If you could jump in the De’Lorean and travel back 12 months you would have found this racer in a pretty glum place, it was a cold, damp, dark, unhappy and painful place called Brands Bloody Hatch !   So, fast forward back to the, erm, future and what did a series in sprint racing, [...]

Provisional Schedule Brands Hatch – March

The provisional schedule for Brands Hatch in March has been published at the following link:        

WOBY’S BLOG – Brands Diary

Fail to plan and you plan to fail, or so the old adage goes. Well we had a plan but we hadn’t planned for every failure.

Lets Go Racing

It’s over 4 months since the 2010 race season finished and less than a week to the 2011 opening race at Brands Hatch and are we ready, well almost, so what have we been up to?