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Woby to undergo Shoulder surgery

I’ve been suffering with my Shoulder since the crash at the Silverstone Endurance round back in May.  After finally being referred to a specialist the verdict is that I’ve a partial thickness tear of the supraspinatus tendon of the rotator cuff with their potentially being a concurrent labral tear. I’ll be going in for surgery [...]

Good News Bad News Good News

Bad news: 3 weeks no driving, signed off work 3-6 weeks, 4 weeks before physio treatment can start, total recovery time estimated at 16 weeks, no time to do any pre season testing.

My Body is a temple… Woby’s Blog

My body is a temple… its in ruins…. But at least its under going major renovation work. (Do you think I can get a lottery grant?)  Slim, fit, good looking… Kelly my personal trainer is everything I’m not, and unfortunately for her what she’s got to work with is an overweight, un-cordinated throttle monkey with [...]

Race fit – Tuning a different engine

Race fit – Tuning a different engine. Each rider has taken a slightly different approach to improving their performance this year. Nick has made modifications to the bike, plans to return to Superbike School and has a ‘self help’ book on getting the perfect body in 12 weeks (think you need longer mate!!) Skip is [...]