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Cadwell Park Race 4

Located in the Lincolnshire Wolds, Cadwell Park is sited across a steep-sided valley, giving rise to dips and crests. The circuit features sharp changes in gradient, including one section called The Mountain where bikes can become airborne by up to several feet. Its mix of challenging corners has led to its nickname as the Mini-Nürburgring, [...]

Round 1, Brands Hatch Indy, March 10/11

If you could jump in the De’Lorean and travel back 12 months you would have found this racer in a pretty glum place, it was a cold, damp, dark, unhappy and painful place called Brands Bloody Hatch !   So, fast forward back to the, erm, future and what did a series in sprint racing, [...]

Cadwell Park October 2010 ~ Championship Finale

Cadwell Park, in autumn, we’ve just had a week of frost covered mornings and now were going into the final race weekend of the year… Championship deciders in every class…. We must be mad.

Pembrey S.Wales ~ 3hr Race Report

Apex Racing ~ Official Race report, 3 hr Junior Endurance Race, Pembrey September 2010 Now I wouldn’t say I was brimming with confidence going into the 6th round of the championship but I have a bit of soft spot for Pembrey. At last years Motogrande race my R6 screamed its head around the grippy little [...]

Anglesey ~ Official Results

Anglesey Coastal ~ 1.55miles ~ Saturday 28th August 2010 Hottrax 3hr Junior Endurance Championship Classification by class: 1.    M&M Racing         126 Laps         1:14.330 2.    BLDS Couriers        125                  1:13.378            (fastest lap in class) 3.    MaD Racing            124                  1:15.533 4.    DNA Racing            124                  1:14.507 5.    MC Racing               [...]

Anglesey ~ 3hr Endurance Race Report

Anglesey Coastal Circuit ~ 3hr Junior Endurance Race.  28th/29th August 2010 Words & Pictures by Adam Woby WHAT an eventful weekend!  So much happened it’s a job to remember where to start. Testday The testday for me was the most frustrating and annoying day of the weekend. I had to pull in before the end [...]

Oulton Park ~ 3 hour Endurance Race Report

Oulton Park, Cheshire ~ Round 4, 3hr Hottrax Endurance Junior 600 9th & 10th July 2010 First the circuit… what can I say but wow.  I’d been told by those in the know that it was Cadwell Park on steroids and they weren’t wrong.  2.69 miles of fast sweepers, undulating track, blind apexs and exits, [...]

Silverstone 3hour Endurance Race Report

Silverstone National Circuit – Junior 3 hour Endurance Race Report Apex Racing ~ Woby’s Report Firstly to those who were there on the race day.  I’m okay, nothing more than a few aches a pain and the bike doesn’t look so bad in the cold light of day.  For those that weren’t there… read on. [...]

Cadwell 3hr Endurance Race Report – Part 2

Info taken from Official Timing Sheets – Junior Endurance 600cc class 1  JR Racing  (Fastest Lap) 1.43.3 2 BLDS Couriers                       1.43.3 3 L A Stone                                 1.43.6 4 D N A Racing                         1.43.8 5 Ringsting Racing                 1.41.3 6 Syntema Alfa                         1.44.1 7 MC Racing                               1.47.0 8 Apex Racing                           1.45.2 9 Louth Bikes                             1.47.2 10 Snug Racing                         [...]

Cadwell 3hour Endurance Race Report – Part 1

Cadwell Park 3hr Endurance official race report… Part 1 Once more we had a race weekend that was ruled by the weather and safety car incidents.  More on that later, first to report on was the test day. Cadwell has a limited amount of hard standing so Nick took one for the team and turned [...]