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Pembrey, S.Wales – July 2011 – From Qualifying to Clavicles

Endurance Superpole.
We start in 2nd from last place (22nd) because of the stupid rules relating to superpole… Seriously, we even contemplated changing places with last place for the hell of it! Bring it on.

Pembrey ~ Through the eyes of a spanner!

I’m More at home wielding spanners rather than a pen I apologise in advance.

BARC Pembrey (from the “Other Seat”)

lap after lap the lean angle increased through the fast left at Dibeni, knee and boot scraping the tarmac wearing through the hard protection and into costly leather. The blagged tyres were spent, I think they were trying to say something, the rear slides out an instant before the front slides at the point Ady had gone down in race 1, I gather it up only to lose the rear again hard out of the right hander, they weren’t saying anything they were shouting STOP PLEASE!!!

Pembrey Motogrande

Pembrey S.Wales, Motogrande Race ~ September 2010 Words and pictures by G. Levy Test Day The first few sessions of the test day were track familiarisation as I have not been to Pembrey before, so it was a slow build up of speed as you get a feel for grip and what gears to be [...]

Pembrey in action

For your viewing pleasure is some footage I took of the Hottrax Motorsports Michelin Power Cup and Motogrande Races at Pembrey September 2010. Not the greatest video footage in the world but you get a good idea of whats involved going into turn one and also what happens if you get it wrong.

Pembrey S.Wales ~ 3hr Race Report

Apex Racing ~ Official Race report, 3 hr Junior Endurance Race, Pembrey September 2010 Now I wouldn’t say I was brimming with confidence going into the 6th round of the championship but I have a bit of soft spot for Pembrey. At last years Motogrande race my R6 screamed its head around the grippy little [...]

Stop Press, Power Cup Wild Card Ride

OMG…. After an unexpected fall at Angelsey what better to calm the nerves than to brave it out with an entry into the fiercely fought Michelin Power Cup next weekend at Pembrey. The schedule will see me racing in the Power Cup ahead of the Junior Tag Endurance with a further 2 sprint races on [...]