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Back to School (Again)

Back to School (Again) Words and Pictures by Nick Matthews With the gap closing on Adam now is not the time to let off, so between track days with Simon Crafar and the next race at Anglesey I find myself back at the Californian Super Bike School for Level III. Having attended Level II in [...]

Silverstone Moto GP ~ Summer 2010

Air Asia British Grand Prix words & pictures by Nick Matthews 18th -20th June Silverstone, The big Dogs are in Town… I couldn’t believe my luck when the guys at Bridgestone suggested I should come along to the motogp as their guest with a full hospitality package for me the missus and the boy, I [...]

Back to School

  Back to School Following my visit to the Californian Super Bike School last year I decided  it was time for level 2. The day was to be run at the Silverstone South Circuit, we had raced on the National circuit  only 11 days earlier and in less than that the Moto GP boys would [...]

Silverstone ~ From the other Seat

Silverstone – from the other Seat “ Welcome to the Home of Motorsport” As I approach the main entrance there is a feeling of something magical about Silverstone, the greeting says it all, so many greats that I have followed over the years have raced here, Ive been a spectator , a host and a [...]

Silverstone 3hour Endurance Race Report

Silverstone National Circuit – Junior 3 hour Endurance Race Report Apex Racing ~ Woby’s Report Firstly to those who were there on the race day.  I’m okay, nothing more than a few aches a pain and the bike doesn’t look so bad in the cold light of day.  For those that weren’t there… read on. [...]