Glen  Levy

Glen Levy

Riding Since:
Outside of racing:
Logistics Development Manager

What am I riding:
2006 Triumph 675
What have I done to it:
De-Catted the exhaust, Triumph Triple Challenge style
Put an ignitioning thingy on it which has the same effect as a Power Commander but its a lot cheaper (ed: Clearly Wobys words and not Skips!)
Spent all the money I saved on the above to buy some Purple suspension (ed: yep defo Woby's words!)

Its been my road bike since new and other than a few suspension tweaks and a decat thats pretty much it.

Why am I doing this?
Its all Woby's fault... nuff said
Racing goals
For the 2010 Endurance season I will mostly be the team manager and i'll step into race when needed. 
Race history & results:

2009 Endurance with Apex Racing
Mallory Park - 3rd in class
Snetterton - 2nd in class
Anglesey - 2nd in class (crashed out at the end of my first session and had to ride Nicks bike)
Cadwell Park - 2nd in class

2010 Motogrande Snetterton - 11pts

Wise words:
You can explain everything in life with enough Spreadsheets! (ed: Woby's at it again!)
Internal soundtrack:
Breath by the Prodigy... or Womaniser by Britney Spears (ed: and again?..       maybe!)
Anything else:
It's cold without a beard!