What can you really squeeze into the 4 weeks between races, erm quite a lot actually…..

After the disaster that was Brands Hatch there was much to do, I had taken the trip to the Kettering A&E to find that a fractured Scaphoid was evident and explained the pain in my left wrist, the massive under steer and wooden feel at Brands warranted a trip to MCT where Darren changed the top out spring on the TTX rear shock and refreshed the oil, we also agreed to try out some new settings softening the bike a little more for the wet.

Having had the spanners quizzing me at Brands over the strange exhaust note, to which I denied any knowledge, I loosened the bolt holding the silencer on and it immediately fell to the floor! Hmmm went through the noise test OK? So I guess that the reducer I had made specially should have been fitted after all?

Rebuilt and ready to roll a trip up to Mallory for an ACU bike test was called for, I tipped up on Weds 30th at 11.45hrs, it started to rain at, just about 11.45hrs, great. At least I will get to try out the new settings.

The afternoon was not without issue, I lost a rear linkage nut from the suspension (thanks Rob at RJS, without you guys it would have been game over). The bike was still too stiff, bouncing out of Gerard’s and the Devils Elbow, and with an increasingly aching wrist the afternoon ended at about the right time, biggest consolation the bike is talking to me, the wooden feel was gone and I felt more in harmony with the bike.

6 days later and with a further few tweaks from Darren at MCT I was at Cadwell Park, this time as a Track Day Instructor for Hottrax. I was robbed for a camping fee to stay over the night before  in the van and at 03.00hrs it started raining, what is it, this is my 5 trip out with the bike in 2011 and every arrival has needed the wets!

Being an instructor is different, Andy and James were great, but even their words of advice couldn’t prepare me for the NOVICE group….

Under race conditions I can hit 150mph down Park Straight, with the novice group I trundle down the hill at 55mph turn to see if the pack are grouped and am amazed that I have left the guys behind, back it up to 35mph and the chasing pack catch me, wow I guess we all started somewhere. Still the Fast Group is low on numbers so some fast laps to keep me sane, the Inters is good overtaking practise and I help a first timer in the Novice group to break his cherry and he leaves with a bigger grin than me, the suspension is working, a good job done.

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Nick and Mike "Get Faster" Dickinson


Next on the to do list is a day being mentored by Mike “Get Faster” Dickinson, back at Mallory and what can I say, this guy is good, he does exactly what it says on the tin, gets “me” faster. The instruction was clear, direct and relevant and I’m not sure how he did it but the day started and remained DRY! I can’t go into detail as it would not be fair on Mike, if you want to get faster then give Mike a call, I for sure will be arranging a follow up day, as for now, I feel dialled in, in tune with the bike and ready for Mallory, bring it on.

I can’t end the report with out a few word about my team mate, having destroyed his Clutch and Gear box at Brands not getting to the start line for either the Endurance or Power Cup, a second engine was purchased, the former rebuilt, new gear box and clutch, heads shimmed and back together in time for the Mallory Track day, massive big up to the spanners and within a heart beat he’s banging in 57 second laps, race day will be ours.

Mallory Park 16th 17th April, watch out for Apex Racing …..