MAT 7294 600x399 Who Stole the Last 3 Weeks ???

#57 Matthews and that pesky #35 Lund

















I can’t believe it, tomorrow we set off for Snetterton and I
haven’t managed to get over Anglesey, is it really 3 weeks or has someone
stolen some of my days!


Anglesey was a good weekend, having circulated the1.55 mile
costal circuit something like 200 times in the 3 day visit, you would think I
could find my way around and being Endurance fit it was not surprising to post
my fastest lap of the weekend a 1.16.4 on my final lap at around 17.00hrs on
Sunday evening.

This is just my third round in Sprint Racing and the time
and effort invested is already paying off. Sunday morning was windy, taking my
position on the 3rd row for the first race of the day I wanted to
improve on my 10th place on Saturday. The lights go off and the
wheel lifts, almost floating the length of the straight I’m not only away with
the pack I’ve passed 1, 2 maybe 3. The first two corners are manic, bikes
everywhere bustling for the limited space, as we exit the banked corner Lund
slides underneath me, it’s not personal however yesterday we battled for almost
the whole race before Lund lost it in peel 3 corners from the flag. I plan to
take him back up the hill but he’s too strong, I have to pass and not get held
again, onto the start finish straight I pull it tight and blast underneath him
into turn one, I wasn’t confident it would stick but it did and I was through I
chased down the guys in front, 2 laps left I exit church on his back wheel down
the back straight I go to move as we catch a back marker and am forced to
abort, its tight now last lap, I lunge underneath at the Corkscrew and block
pass into the right. I take the flag in 7th place, my personal best
finish, fantastic.


Next up is the Endurance race with my partner Woby, we are
confident after some good sprint racing and as this is our first run in the
endurance this year, having been plagued with mechanical problems we are keen
for a podium finish. Woby makes a traditional Apex start and within only a
couple of laps we are running 1st in class but its close those pesky
Brand Boys are on our tail. 30 mins in and its time for a change and we pit in
second, I’m out and in my first stint can better a 1.19 this isn’t good enough
and by the time I come in were P4, a short break and I’m out again this time
I’m consistently hitting the 16s and 17s, that’s better, 2 hours in and were
still P4. Woby’s out and in his stint so is the pace car. Confusion reigns and
were lost, are we a lap down ? all 4 places are within yards on track. Finally
Woby is in and I’m out in P5 for my last stint, I can see Dalgarno ahead and
chase him down circulating around 3 seconds a lap quicker. With 11 minutes to
the flag we are forced to make a last change, Woby is out but Dilks is closing
us down. After 3 hours racing we end up P5 two seconds off P4 and only 11
seconds off P3, 11 seconds off the podium after 3 hours ! how close is this


It’s been a long weekend and the last race of the day falls
to the MG600’s. Lights out and another good start, I pitch into turn one to
find Lund underneath me,  we pass
together and set off in the 17s it’s become a race between the two of us, I’m
on his wheel in every corner but can’t make a pass stick, Lund is using every
inch of the track cutting off my passage past, up the hill I press hard and
Lund runs deep into the hairpin trying to keep me at bay, a chance and I’m
through into Rocket only to lose it straight back into Peel (remember that move
Woby?), we have run 10 Laps wheel to wheel and my time is running out. I push
on and see an opportunity into the Banked Corner, Lund slices my nose off and I
run deep only to be passed by Slater, where did he come from? I take the flag
in tenth 1 second ahead of P11, phew I was so busy with the battle in front I
didn’t realise there was another threat from the rear.


Anglesey over and the focus turns to Snetterton, 2 track
days done to learn the new 300 circuit and what seems like too many late nights
prepping the bike and of course no help from whoever stole my valuable time, a
cheeky day off for the MOTO GP at Silverstone and tomorrow we start all over.


Hottrax Racing, it’s in our blood.


See you there